September 11,2020 | Social Concern

Global Civic Platform

The global epidemic, and devastating natural disasters will not happen only once.

Rapid, transparent, and accurate emergency notification system are the most

Valuable assets for human communication. Unfortunately, in the 21st century,

Human beings just only achieved the globalization to the peak in terms of

Economics, but all human beings' defensive combat system in health is not

"globalized." Shall we human fight the virus, or next natural disaster together?


After the COVID-19 invaded more than 190 countries, the most credible public

Health organization, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the highest health

Administrative departments in various countries, made many countries' people

Feel that the information was hidden, slow, and more distrust.


Taiwanese civil society as the starting point, creates a global citizen network

Platform that steps over national borders, transcends governments, and has no

Barriers to races or civilization. It hopes to become the most credible resource

Integration system for global emergency rescue. At meanwhile, that would be the

Most valuable human beings' public property.


In the future, KAIDEO I CREATIVE will promote the self-maintained epidemic information platform tool ─ ─ GCP (Global Civic Platform), showing the strong mobilization ability of Taiwan's civil society, and work together to survive the difficult pneumonia epidemic!