September 22,2020 | FANG TALKS


"TENET", which was released in Taiwan not long ago, have you watched it~

The director of the room treats all the colleagues from get off work to go straight to Xinyi A13 to see the latest masterpiece directed by Nolan! To exercise the brain-burning skills of designers for nonlinear thinking, like projecting objects and paying attention to details in design, these are the most basic elements of being a designer.

Speaking of Nolan, he is definitely the top five director in most people's minds. I have watched "The Dark Knight" countless times!
Director Fang said that when he was still studying at the Parsons School of Design in the United States, the first time he saw Director Nobel’s work was "Memory Puzzle", a small-cost movie that was filmed for more than 20 days, and in the end it was able to include Numerous awards and awards from various countries around the world show that Director Nobel's attention to the details of the film and the control of the rhythm of the story have already performed very well at that time. The professionalism and talent shown by the rookie directors admired the director.

However, there are not many works. One shot is a promise made by God. What is the brain-burning film "TENET" released this year? The discussion and misplacement of time and space, horizontal time series, vertical spatial levels, and innovative jumping ideas are all inspiring good movies for the audience. The interesting part of watching Norman movies is that there are many small Easter eggs, such as the spinning top in "Full Start", the watch in "Interstellar Effect", and the Polaroid photos in "Memory Puzzle", not only can see the rich imagination of Norodom, but also admire his creative team.

Norman, who is good at flipping time, can be said to be an architect in the film industry. The connection between film and design is really fascinating. Whether it is the flip of ideas or the change of linear rules, just like a designer, If you just stack up the beauty of the picture in a vague way without thinking, then the work will definitely not be charming. However, in Nuodao's works, we can always find themes about human nature, love and sense of mission, and "TENET" talks about the principle of "grasp the present."