September 11,2020 | Social Concern

Material Bank

Are things going to be thrown away when they are old?

In the 21st century we live in, science and technology, industry, medicine, and economy are all growing at double speeds. In order to meet human needs, to satisfy human desires, and to realize people’s desire for highly civilized development, it is accompanied by the greenhouse effect. , Melting icebergs, climate change, environmental pollution and other destruction of the earth’s primitive ecology.

We are accustomed to replacing the old with new ones and throwing away things when they are used up. Such a consumption concept will not only cause the depletion of the earth's resources, but also produce all kinds of waste. Fortunately, as environmental issues have gradually received attention, more and more people have joined the ranks of defending the earth. The concept of recycling is booming around the world, and one of the methods is nothing more than donating materials that you don’t need to help. To the people who need it.

The "Building Materials Bank" promoted by the Taipei City Design and Decoration Commercial Association, with social care as the core, uses an online platform to sponsor various materials and facilities required for interior design and decoration by enterprises, and donates to disadvantaged objects who need to transform their living spaces . At this stage, the sponsored materials are stored at the donation company. The application requirements for materials will be reviewed by the interior design building materials bank, and the applicant will withdraw from the donation company. It has become the common goal of Taiwan's design industry in recent years to help the disadvantaged and make the world a better place.

Although the energy cycle does not require human beings to return to primitive society, we still hope to minimize environmental damage, convert waste into renewable resources, and use it properly to replace natural mining, and achieve sustainable development through circular economy. Ideas will become the world trend. Let KAIDEO I CREATIVE work together to contribute to the earth, and work together to create a vision of full recycling of materials and zero waste.