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design. It's a work of transfo

When I was in elementary school, I was often sent by the school to participate in art or natural science competitions in public and private elementary schools in Taipei City. In the summer of the fifth grade, I was recommended by my class tutor to participate in the summer camp of the brainstorming competition. I recalled the topic of the competition at that time. I had to develop in a circle of 4 cm in diameter within ten minutes and draw various images. But each unit can only complete an image within ten strokes at most, see who can draw the most images in ten minutes; there is also a question about what uses the rubber band can have, the same is ten minutes To think about the time to come up with the most feasible ways... My group of children came up with 58 uses and won the title of this question. After a week of competition, I know that the teachers want us to develop brain creativity and inspiration, but to be honest, primary school students are still ignorant after all, and they are not sure about their future interests. The four words of brainstorming only stop. A special term in the little head.

Life is such an interesting thing. After many years, I received the baptism of art and design education, went abroad to study design, returned to practice design, and even taught design in many campuses. I slowly realized this trip. The creative training experience I received on the journey of life is actually talking about the same thing: creativity/design is a kind of transformation.

I still remember that in the fourth year of the university, the first class of the advanced stage design course started. In addition to explaining the course content and progress of this semester, the teacher also gave a homework assignment at the end of the class: ask the students to In my spare time, I will listen to Tchaikovsky’s "Romeo and Juliet Overture" over and over again. You must give a written report and share your experience after appreciation in the next class. Going home and digging through the cabinets and digging up classical music cassettes that I haven’t listened to for a long time, I found only Tchaikovsky’s most prestigious Swan Lake, Nutcracker and No. 1 Piano Concerto. These masterpieces seem to be things that elementary school music teachers must listen to. . When I was in college, the Internet was not as developed as it is now, and I can only find text information on the Internet. I haven't been able to progress to the point where I can download the entire track. I had to go to the record shop, bought a genuine CD and went home, and listened to it over and over again as the teacher said. Psychologically, it is obviously a design class, why listen to classical music? Even if you listen to classical music, why write a report about non-design?

In this way, with a suspicious expression on my face, I went to the second design class after the beginning of school, and the report was handed in. I went on stage and talked about a lot of nonsense. At the end of this class, the teacher gave the second homework. : After writing and dictating my own experience report, I "painted" the song. Quartz drawing paper can be expressed in any medium, but there can be no concrete objects or symbols on the drawing. My face was suspicious at the beginning and now I have become demented. What is the teacher doing with this homework? Want to test our drawing skills or explore the bottom of our connotation?

When I was in graduate school in New York, I had the opportunity to go to the Department of Architecture of Columbia University in the upper city to attend an architectural design class. In that class, the professor took everyone to the cinema to watch a movie. A Danish movie called "Hospital Storm" was followed This five-hour film, I still want to say it is so good. The first time I came to listen to it, I just came out to play. I didn’t expect the film to be terrifying, lengthy, and sometimes a little boring. The mirroring techniques and colors are very special. The professor appeared again after seeing the end, and 80% ran to snooze. We also reported our thoughts and thoughts in the next class, and we exchanged our experiences. We did not expect that foreign professors were even more ruthless. They wanted us to design a five-story collective housing community...

Romeo and Juliet's overture is more than 20 minutes long; the hospital scene is five hours long. When I was 23 years old, I listened to the overture fifty or sixty times; when I was 26 years old, I read the overture ten times. With the continuous repeat of the music in my ear, the abstract picture is completed; the film images that make me profound are repeated in my mind time and time again, and the architectural model is also squeezed out. Luo Zhu Overture is Tchaikovsky’s unfinished ballet repertoire during his lifetime. The whole tune is sharply accentuated, as if Bai Juyi described it in his pipa tour: "The big string is noisy like rain, and the small string is like a whisper. Noisy and miscellaneous, big and small beads fall on the jade plate. Guan Yingyu has a slippery background. , Youyanquan running under the beach. The cold water springs froze, and the sound of the condensed never stopped..." The hospital situation is similar to the white tower of the Japanese drama. The plot revolves around the power struggle between doctors and the discussion of professional ethics, and also through supernatural events. Unknown shady in the hospital has happened. From the past, present to the future, in the huge medical building, we are shocked to find that the real pain that needs to be treated is human nature.

Does the work of abstract paintings fully express the love and hatred of Luo Zhu in Shakespeare's works under the opposition of the family? Do we put the sense of hearing into the painting? Do the romantic and graceful part and the urgently oppressive part of the song? Visualize it? Does the concept of the collective housing model reveal the seemingly close but alienated ties between people due to rights struggles? For example, the planning of the moving line in the space can be tortuous and the two adjacent aisles can be connected. The distance to different spaces and buildings can be ambiguous expressions. The appearance of the seemingly sacred building, the tone of the interior space may be another kind of obscure metaphor...

In our lives, what we hear, what we see, what we smell, what we touch, what we taste, all these sensory memories of the five senses enrich the human emotions and desires. Feelings can be communicated by speaking, praised by singing, and conveyed by writing. Of course, you can also use paintings to tell others about your opinions and understanding. Designing is to tell people what we are thinking through paintings and models. The source of our thinking is the feelings in our hearts.

Time and space jumped back to my current office. Since the company has been in business for more than seven years, designers often have to communicate design ideas with homeowners. Usually designers will ask homeowners about their dream of loving the house. Of course, the designer team is to build The dream factory of the new home. Some customers want warmth in their homes, some want fashionable home styles, and of course some want luxurious and beautiful style, and their needs depend on the individual.

Having said that, what kind of warmth is the warmth in the mouth of customers? What kind of fashion is the pursuit of fashion? How to achieve luxurious and beautiful style? These feelings are very abstract and not absolutely objective. For example, what is warmth? Warmth is an abstract noun (Abstract Nouns) in the English dictionary. The definition of an abstract noun is a noun that has no concrete form and cannot be seen with eyes or touched with hands. In that case, what exactly is warmth? How do we "see" the warmth? Or how to make people feel warm? The description of warmth is too general. Warmth has different interpretations for everyone. Let me give you a personal sensory experience:

In the cold air of Taipei in January, people put on a thick feather jacket and a cashmere wool scarf around their necks. In order to avoid the needle-like drizzle, I walked into Xinbuck at the corner and ordered a drink. The hot caramel macchiato chose a corner of the wall, with the "warmth" of about thirty minutes. The crowded temperature in the store warmed the temperature at which the wet wool scarf touched the neck; the cup of macchiato, which was held in both hands, without a cup holder, sent a stream of heat from the palm to the chest. In the cold air of Taipei in January, this is a kind of "warmth."

Designers have always been a job that only comes on the moon, and there is no sunshine, and they return home in the middle of the night every day.
As soon as I climbed the stairs and entered the house, the lights in the living room had already been turned off, and a faint light shot out from the distance, and it was my mother who opened the door. Today is so busy again! Let me warm up the dishes on the table for you. The rice is warm in the electric cooker. Eat it quickly. Don't wash the dishes and go to bed after eating! Mother repeated the first sentence every night when she saw me, and went into the kitchen. At this time, I looked at the wall clock on the wall. It was past one o'clock in the morning, and his old man still got up to help me warm the dishes. When I took the first bite of rice in my mouth and the steam flicked on my cheeks, I felt that although my mother and I were the only ones in this family, it was still so "warm."

When designing, we should integrate many feelings and experiences in life into the process of constructing the design. We should always arouse our own sensory experience. Through sensory experience, we should repeatedly verify whether the personality and atmosphere of the space are exactly what you want. Set or the ideal state entrusted by the customer. Your client wants you to create a warm home space for him, instead of just relying on yellowing lights, fluffy pillows, floral collage wallpapers, which seem to be able to create warm materials or direct use of equipment. Goal. Too much direct expression, such a design will only flow on the surface, once it looks like a layer of oil on the sea, it will make people nauseous and greasy. Design needs to go through the process of transformation to deeply explore people’s feelings. The factors that can touch feelings are deep rather than superficial. When the deep factors are grasped and expressed in the space, the space will be given fresh life. , Only life will move people.

How to set up a round table for the whole family to have dinner in the restaurant, and think deeply about the distance between the seats of the family during the meal, and what kind of distance makes everyone feel warm and not insulting? Wouldn't the complicated wall decoration on the wall be more warm than the pictures with family photos? What kind of dynamic relationship exists between the rooms of parents and children? How to construct parent-child interaction on this dynamic line? Is there a small place where I can leave messages to my family when I enter the house? Is there a connection between the father's favorite golf equipment and the son's proudest trophy through design? Many feelings in life therefore enrich the space, and the space of success can of course become the driving force of feelings.

The design is definitely not just looking at the space photos in the magazine, just copying and copying the above method, the design is definitely not just to add some favorite things in the same space, at best, it can only be called decoration rather than design. They The difference from design lies in the lack of a transformation process. Without transformation, there will be less emotion and life.

Whenever I talk to students about an introduction to design, I don’t prepare to give them lectures. I think the exquisiteness and depth of design is that it is the inspiration for ideas, the transmission of ideas, and the subject of transformation. The six ancestors of Hui Neng talked about the Buddha's dojo, and many parts can only rely on himself to realize and enlighten through life experience. Now I have also become the teachers who have guided me back then, and have produced some weird homework to train students how to design through transformation.